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Meet the Coach

Amila de Saram - Larssen

As a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) with training from iACT (International ADHD Coach Training Center), I specialize in working with adults, children, and families affected by ADHD. Having personally experienced the challenges of raising an ADHD child in Sri Lanka, I understand the importance of parental support in helping children thrive.

My expertise also extends to ADHD coaching in the workplace. Collaborating closely with employees, I develop customized strategies, systems, and routines that enable them to manage their professional responsibilities effectively while embracing their individual strengths. Working with both the employee and their manager, we identify coaching goals and address performance gaps to create a conducive work environment.

With a background in international development and advocacy for vulnerable groups, including individuals with disabilities, I am well-versed in culturally competent coaching. Having lived and worked in over 10 countries across the globe, I am equipped to work with diverse individuals, teams, and organizations.

In addition to my coaching work, I am a passionate advocate for inclusive participation of people with disabilities, including neuro-divergent individuals, in all spheres of life. I have worked for many years at a global level to promote policies and practices that uphold the rights of people with disabilities and ensure equal opportunities for everyone in society.

I welcome adults of all ages, genders, races, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations, including those diagnosed, undiagnosed, or suspected of having ADHD.


My Education

  • BA from Mount Holyoke College (USA) in Economics and Romance Languages and Literatures (Spanish and French). Cum Laude.

  • Graduate degrees in French from Middlebury College (USA) and Buddhist art history from The Ohio State University (USA).

  • Teaching credential from Cambridge University (UK) in teaching English as a Foreign Language.

  • CALC from The International ADHD Coach Training Center (USA).

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